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Emoji Movie Quiz

Can you decipher these emojis into their casino-related movie titles? Try our Emoji Movie Quiz and share your score. 

Mind Blowing Casino Facts

If you thought you knew everything about casino games, think again. Check out our Mind Blowing Casino Facts

Casino Brain Training

Do you fancy yourself as a casino genius? It's time to give your mind a workout with Ladbrokes' Casino Brain Training quiz. 

Card Shuffling

Beginners Guide To Card Shuffling

If you're looking to get your casino card shuffling tricks up to scratch, we're here to help. Look like a pro with a little help from Ladbrokes today.

Travel Roulette

The Ultimate Guide to Rock-Paper-Scissors

If you thought rock-paper-scissors (RPS) was just a fixture of the school playground, then think again. Read the ultimate guide here.

The Grand National Horse Generator

Are you ready for the Grand National? Do you want to put money on a horse, but don't know your Many Clouds from your Cause of Causes? Don't worry because we're here to help! Simply let us know what you're looking for in a horse and the Ladbrokes Grand National Horse Generator will help you choose the perfect horse for you! Give it a spin today!

Marvel Casino: Stories Behind the Games

You've played the games, now meet the characters as we look at fan-favourite Marvel stories and characters.

Slot the Difference Game

Ready to try a slot machine game that's a little different? Here's a fun twist on spot the difference, played on a slot machine..

Mario in Casino: A Retrospective

10 Things Only Blackjack Players Will Understand

Are you a dedicated blackjack player? Do you know your basic blackjack strategy inside out? Here are 10 things only blackjack players will understand.

The Croupier Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be a croupier? Take interactive challenge to find out.

The Multiscreen Generation

With games like multi-wheel roulette on the rise, we're getting better at multi-tasking. We asked 1000 people about their screen habits and this is what we discovered...

Fitness Roulette

Take a spin with our Fitness Roulette game for healthy ideas and step-by-step exercises...

Slots of Love

Need help deciding on the perfect date this Valentine's? We're here to help with the Slots of Love! Pick the perfect date for your other half here today...

How to Play Baccarat

A favourite of the more seasoned casino players, we've put a guide to playing the exciting game of Baccarat..

The Advanced Blackjack Guide

Are you ready to take your blackjack to the next level? Learn everything from hand signals to side bets with The Advanced Blackjack Guide here...

Online Businesses that Changed the UK

The internet has come a long way in the past ten years. We've put together some of the top online businesses that have changed the UK

Blackjack Horoscope

Happy New Year! Are you ready to find out what Lady Luck has in store for you this year? Check your lucky numbers and your Blackjack horoscope for 2016 right here at Ladbrokes today.

Chip Tricks to Try at the Blackjack Table

Are you ready to learn how to pull off the basic chip tricks at the blackjack table and look like a pro? Watch our handy tutorials and with a little practice you'll be flipping brilliantly! 

What will Online Casino look like in 100 years?

What technology is being developed right now that will be used by casino lovers in the 100 years? Read on to find out...

What a Cracker! Best Casino Christmas Jokes

Everyone loves a good Christmas cracker joke – here's a few of the best casino Christmas cracker jokes we have come up with..

What they reel-y want for Christmas

Find the perfect present for your loved ones with the Ladbrokes Christmas gift generator today. Simply let know who you're buying for and how much you want to spend, and we will give you the ideas you need to get them what they reel-y want!


The Ladbrokes Blackjack Academy

Test your skills at the Ladbrokes Academy today. In just 21 question's time you'll be playing Blackjack like a pro! Take the test, test your friends, and get ready to hit the casino like the best of them...

Never Tell Me the Odds

Do you know the odds of being too short for a Stormtrooper? Try your hand at the best quiz in the galaxy…

Get crafty this winter with our casino craft ideas

News Snippet: The nights are drawing in and the days are getting more miserable, so the chances are that you will find yourself sitting around one Sunday without anything to do. Well, never fear, because with a few crafty bits and some casino paraphernalia you can keep yourself busy with some cunning creations

Everything You Need to Know about the History of Table Games

Since ancient times humans have been drawn to playing games together. From Senet, possibly the first ever game, to the board games that we play at home now, we have a fascination with games of all types. Discover the history of table games…

How well do you know your casino?

We've put together a quick quiz to test your knowledge of the casino. If you think you know your stuff, why not give it a go? Take our quiz, share your score and challenge your friends here at Ladbrokes today...

Flashback Blackjack

A flashback through Blackjack history, from its unclear origins in Western Europe to the advent of online card games. Take a walk through the history of Blackjack...

4 Facts about How Gaming Helps You Relax

For National Stress Awareness Day, we surveyed 500 UK adults to find out what role gaming plays in relaxation. Here's what we discovered…

How You Can Change Your Life Online

We've looked at some of the different ways that the web has changed people's lives forever; from becoming overnight pop sensations or winning big on online casino. Find out how you could change your life…

The Myths and Facts of the Slot Machine

The Myths and Facts of the Slot Machine – Find out the common misconceptions people hold about how to win at the slots here today...

Four surprising ways to make a roulette wheel

The roulette wheel is an unmistakable piece of craftsmanship, created from glossy lacquered wood for that classic look. Here's our countdown of four surprising ways people have made roulette wheels

What are the chances Science Fiction will Become Fact?

If science fiction has taught us anything it's that technology rarely stays in the realm of imagination for very long. We interviewed an eminent futurologist to give us his expert insight into what we might expect to come true and what will just stay a pipe-dream. Find out more here....

How to Play Online Slots

How to play online slots – everything you need to know about how online slots differ from physical ones, and how you can start playing online today. Visit our blog for more slot machine tips today...

Casino Lingo or Made-Up Word?

Casino lingo or Made-Up Word?  - is the new Ladbrokes Quiz testing your knowledge of casino jargon. Test your skills today….

What Are The Odds Quiz

How well do you know your odds? Do you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than dating a supermodel? Take our quiz to find out…

Beyond the Lights in Macau

As one of the casino capitals of the world, Macau in China shares lots of characteristics with Las Vegas, but it also has many surprises for anyone that ventures beyond the lights. Find out more here…

21 Tips on how to play Blackjack

21 tips to help you get to grips with Blackjack. Whether you want to learn the basics or improve your game, we can help here at Ladbrokes today.

How to hold a casino night in

With the end of summer upon us and long winter nights drawing in we have put together everything you need to hold your own casino night in party find out what you need here…

James Bond – The Cars From The Movies

Stylish, sophisticated and sexy – and that's just the cars! Here at your service is a guide to the biggest Bond cars, and their impact on movie history. Find out more here….

Ears In The Game

We asked the nation what their perfect focus music is for mental and physical activity. Find out the results here...

The Evolution of the Slot Machine

We explore how far the slot machine has come since its inception all the way back in 1894  when they were more commonly known as one arm bandits. See how the slot machine has evolved here…

Cultural Roulette

To celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th, we have scoured the world for the most surprising numerical superstitions and filled a roulette wheel with them. Explore the superstitions here…

Online Vs Land based casinos UK

The Great British Quiz

How British are you? At Ladbrokes, one the nation's favourite UK online casinos, we've put together the ultimate test of your Great British knowledge in our new quiz.

Which Fantastic Four Member Do You Most Resemble?

To celebrate the release of the new Fantastic Four film we've created a quiz for you to find out which Fantastic Four member you most resemble. Take the quiz here

Fantastic Four Members Ranked

Over the years since its creation in 1961, the Fantastic Four has been one of Marvel Comics' most popular superhero teams. We've compiled the vital stats on some of the most powerful previous members in an effort to determine which is the most fantastic of all. Find out who here

Cats-ino's Feline Fun!

So with the popularity of feline hilarity, here at Ladbrokes Casino HQ our minds immediately started ticking over – what would cats looking like if they were playing casino games? Read more..

2015 Party Hotspots

We've become the only travel agent you need to visit this summer, giving you a rundown of some of the best party hotspots around Europe. Discover the best places to party this year…

Not Your Ordinary Casino Chip…

In celebration of May being National Burger Month, here at Ladbrokes Casino HQ we've decided to put our own culinary skills to the test and create the perfect side to go with barbecue banquet. Find out what we created…

Winning on the Water with Ladbrokes Casino

Given that we're all for celebrating in style, this weekend we put on our glad rags to hold a party of a very different kind. We invited a selection of bloggers to join us aboard The Golden Jubilee, a river cruise boat, which took to the river Thames. See photos and more

What's lads say to their mates… and what they really mean

Trying to understand laddish language and their beloved banter is more difficult than ever, to help you avoid any embarrassment round the lads find out what they really mean here

Don't Gamble On Getting Lucky In Love

Ever wondered how you can up your pulling game? We've got it covered – we've asked women what they really want, find out your pulling possibilities

Ladbrokes Casino 'What kind of a romantic are you?'

Take our quiz to find out what kind of romantic you are, then see how your Valentine's gambles compare.....Read More

Ladbrokes Casino 'What Era Are You?'

Take the Ladbrokes Casino 'What Era Are You?' quiz to find out which Casino Era suits your playing style....Read More

Ladbrokes Designs Bespoke Card Decks For Lucky Winners

What can you get for £50?

What is the true value of £50? What will it get you? While in the UK you might be
hard-pressed to enjoy a day out with all the family,you might be surprised what it will
get you in some parts of the world!  Read More.

Lad Points: What's your score?

The age of the lad is upon us, but how do you compare to the rest of our noble nation? We asked the country's laddiest citizens to asses a variety of tasks, challenges and activities and create the definitive lad points scoring system

What the next Bond film will look like?

Are you as excited as us to see what the next Bond film will look like?

We've been checking rumour sites daily to get our Bond fix! We're excited to see the return of Daniel Craig and see what else is in storefor 007 in the  next stage of his adventures. Read More

Are iPhone users the smartest of all smartphone owners?

To own a smartphone with all the usual bells and whistles, you need to keep your wits about you! Keeping up to date with the latest app updates...  Read more

Is Susan Boyle Heading To A Ladbrokes Near You?

She's sold nearly 20 million albums worldwide, has performed at the biggest concerts on the most prestigious stages all over the world and has even launched an acting career – but Susan Boyle knows that Ladbrokes Has Talent! Read More...

Casino Cinemagraphs

We've raised the stakes to bring you a set of five Cinemagraphs of casino-related scenes where everything seems to standstill while waiting for that all important call…Read More

Christmas In Vegas!

Christmas Day on the strip, then, is a very strange thought. Would you consider it as an alternate destination to the cold, wintery weather, mulled wine and glowing fire at home? We would! Read More...