DC Character Stories Behind The Games

Since Suicide Squad smashed the Box Office, we've been awaiting the new DC films with bated breath. With Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League (2017), Aquaman (2018) and more all announced by DC, our range of DC Casino Games have never been more popular. So, we decided to take you back to the stories behind some of our top slots games, so you can explore these fantastic games to their true potential, and get to know the character origins and more!


Man Of Steel

Game: Man Of Steel Slot

Character: Superman

Notable Story: Clark Kent is disguised as a human after his parents send him to Planet Earth when his home planet Krypton is destroyed, but his true colours are revealed in this slot machine when Earth is invaded by a space army looking to bring the planet to the brink of destruction.

This thrilling slot machine is a little different to the 2013 Man of Steel movie, but the concept is the same. With a number of shifting wilds, bonus games, free spins and the chance for a progressive jackpot. With plenty of little bonus features to enjoy, this is a fantastic way to venture into Superman's life.





Superman The Movie

Game: Superman: The Movie Slot 

Character: Superman 

Notable Story: Superman is sent to planet Earth after his home planet Krypton is set to be destroyed, and on Earth, he discovers his superhuman powers and uses them to battle evil. In this film, he battles the villainous Lex Luthor and attempts to woo his love Lois Lane.

This slot machine provides a step back in time for Superman fans, giving a truly retro experience with every spin. The late Christopher Reeves will forever be ‘The Superman' after his appearance as the character in the 1970s and 80s. Our Superman: The Movie Slot brings him back as this formidable character in his blue tights with underpants on the outside. There are plenty of interactive features, and three levels of progressive jackpots to uncover in this slot machine, and you can indulge yourself in the original movie.




Superman II

Game: Superman II Slot

Character: Superman

Notable Story: Superman foils the plan of a group of terrorists by hurling their nuclear bomb into outer space – but the bomb frees Kryptonian villain General Zod, and his two henchmen Ursa and Non from imprisonment. Superman sacrifices his powers to start his relationship with his love Lois Lane, unaware that the three villains were on their way to Earth, threatening the planet with destruction.

Superman II is the sequel to the original Superman movie, and was one of the biggest box office hits of its time. This slot machine is packed full of villains, and with Superman no longer having his powers, it is down to you to help him fight them off. Take a spin on the slot machine and tackle the villains. Be in with a chance of winning some big money, fly high with Superman, and play with iconic items like Kyrptonite, Clarke Kent's glasses and more.




Batman And Catwoman Cash


Game: Batman And Catwoman Cash Slot

Character: Batman, Robin & Catwoman

Notable Story: Catwoman appears to fall to her death a number of times throughout the series, but with her nine lives, she keeps coming back as Batman's nemesis, ally and lover.

In Batman and Catwoman Cash, you can join the caped crusader on a crime fighting adventure to stop Catwoman from stealing all of the jewels. This slot machine is based on the classic TV series, meaning you will see plenty of BAM, CRASH, SMACKS while you're playing this thrilling slot.






Batman And The Joker Jewels


Game: Batman And The Joker Jewels Slot

Character: Batman, Robin & The Joker

Notable Story: Pop goes the Joker is one of the best episodes from the series, as the Joker begins to vandalise fine art at a gallery and an international art competition. It's up to Batman and Robin to work out what he's up to as he opens his own art school and enrols just millionaires!

Batman is back in this slot machine and this time he's moved away from Catwoman and is instead chasing down the Joker. His arch nemesis is up to his old tricks again and causing trouble for the caped crusader in Batman And The Joker Jewels Slot. It's up to you to play this slot and help Batman track down and capture the Joker!





Batman And The Batgirl Bonanza

Game: Batman and The Batgirl Bonanza Slot

Character: Batman, Robin & Batgirl

Notable Story: The most recognisable Batgirl was Barbara Gordon, the daughter of the Gotham City police commissioner, and in this slot machine, Batgirl hasn't yet suffered the fate of being paralysed by a shot from the Joker.

This innovative 60-reel slot really is one of the most thrilling of the series, and it's no surprise to see Batman and Batgirl team up to fight the villains of Gotham City. With the whole Bat-Gang in town, this 60's parody inspired slot machine really is the perfect place to win big bucks.






Batman And The Penguin Prize


Game: Batman And The Penguin Prize Slot

Character: Batman, Robin & The Penguin

Notable Story: The Penguin is Batman's arch nemesis and a genius in crime. In one of the episodes in the classic TV series, he even Brainwashed Alfred Pennyworth and tried to take over the Batcave alongside the Joker!

The Master of "Fowl" Play really knows how to cause a few problems for the caped crusader, and in this slot machine it is no different. With a huge progressive jackpot to win, and plenty of smaller bonuses to enjoy, this slot machine will have you at Batman and Robin's side to help foil the plot of the infamous Penguin!






Batman And The Riddler Riches


Game: Batman And The Riddler Riches Slot

Character: Batman, Robin & The Riddler

Notable Story: The Riddler was the first Batman villain to star in the series. In the first episode of season 1, The Riddler caused an explosion at the Republic of Moldavia exhibit when the Moldavian prime minister sliced into the friendship cake. With plenty of riddles and a number of explosions throughout, it will remain one of the best episodes of the entire series.

Spin your way through progressive jackpots and send yourself back in time to the 1960s Batman TV series. In this slot, The Riddler is back with a vengeance, and it is your job to help the crime-fighting duo, Batman and Robin! Riddle me this, are you ready to spin?






Batman And Mr Freeze Fortune


Game: Batman and Mr Freeze Fortune
Character:  Batman, Robin & Mr Freeze
Notable Story: Mr Freeze is one of Batman's biggest enemies, and it's no surprise to see him pop up on one of our slot games. Based on the 1960's TV series, Mr Freeze is ready to cause havoc and start freezing people, and it's up to Batman and Robin to foil his evil plans! You can help, by spinning the reels and taking advantage of all of the different bonuses that you can use to help defeat the evil Mr Freeze. 

Green Lantern


Game: Green Lantern
Character: Green Lantern 
Notable Story: Having sworn to protect an intergalactic order, Hal Jordan is the first human of all of the 3000 Green Lanterns to have been able to harness the power of the ring. With a new evil known as Parallax threatening to disrupt the balance of power in the universe, the Green Lantern may be the corps' only hope. 
You can enjoy all of these slot machines right here at Ladbrokes Casino, giving you the chance to help the superheroes face their enemies and all of the bad guys to save the universe. Play our DC slots games today!