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iPhone Users Smartest



Are iPhone users the smartest of all smartphone owners?

To own a smartphone with all the usual bells and whistles, you need to keep your wits about you!
Keeping up to date with the latest app updates, working out what widgets you need and making sure
you don't touch the wrong link are all difficult, but which phone's users are likely to be the smartest?
A fiendish new test of mobile users' intelligence managed to find the answer.

The Test of Wits, a quiz composed by Ladbrokes for mobile users, asked them a series of questions to
not only find out if they could get all the questions right, but if they could do so as quick as possible.
After analysing all the results that came their way, they were able to gauge which group of smartphone users
was the smartest.


Apple top of the tree

Measuring the average time of users of six different smartphone manufacturers, the best performers were Apple users,
who took just 94 seconds on average to complete the quiz. They were five seconds faster than users of the Google Nexus phone,
who took 99 seconds to complete a short sequence of numerical brainteasers.