Blackjack Multihand 5 At Ladbrokes Casino

Blackjack Multihand 5 is one of the most authentic games that you can find here at Ladbrokes Casino, and you're certain to get the true Vegas experience as you play. Blackjack Multihand 5 is just one of our many blackjack variations, but is one of the most unique games that we provide. With this game, players can play five hands simultaneously to give you more chances to win. The objective of the game is the same: get closer to 21 than the dealer does in a hand, without going bust. More hands = more fun in our eyes and to top this off it gives you even more of a chance to win.

How To Play Blackjack Multihand 5

Playing Blackjack Multihand 5 is simple. The process in Blackjack Multihand 5 is similar to that in all other blackjack variations. You are dealt two face up cards, and the dealer is dealt one face up card and one face down. The rules are simple, get closer to 21 than the dealer. With Blackjack Multihand 5 you get to simultaneously play five hands making this one of the most exciting variations we have to offer. Simply click on a chip to select how much you like to bet, then click on a table position that you would like to bet on. Every hand can have a different bet so it's up to you how you want to play. Once you've placed your bets, click the deal button for the cards to deal. As play goes on for each hand, click hit to get one more card, or stand to just keep the cards you've got. Once all of the hands have been dealt the dealer will show his cards and play according to the rules. In this version of the game, the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17's. Once the dealer stands or busts, the winner will be determined.



There are a few buttons that you should know before you start playing Blackjack Multihand 5. Firstly, you must decide how much you would like to bet by clicking on the chips and placing them on the table position(s) that you want to play. Then, follow the buttons below to play the game!
  • Deal – This button will start the game and the cards will be dealt.
  • Double – This button allows you to double your bet before play beings.
  • Clear Bets – Allows you to remove all of the bets you have placed.
  • Hit – This allows you to get one more card.
  • Stand – Click this button if you want to stop receiving cards.
  • Double – Doubling Down allows you to double your bet, but receive just one card in return.
  • Split – This button allows you to split two of the same cards into two separate hands and bets (on top of the hands you are already playing).
  • Insurance – This is a side bet that will protect your bet against the dealer having a Blackjack.
  • New Game – Starts a brand new game.
  • Rebet and Deal – Provides you with a chance to bet the same as the last game and deal automatically.
  • Rebet – This allows you to bet again.

How To Bet On Blackjack Multihand 5

Betting on Blackjack Multihand simply requires a few clicks. Click on the chip to select the amount that you want to bet on each hand and then click on the table position of your choice to place that bet. Each minimum and maximum bet on the game will depend on the table. Right click on the chips if you want to decrease your bet and as soon as you're happy, click the deal button.

The option for insurance is available on this game, so you can insure against the dealer having a blackjack. With Blackjack Multihand 5, the dealer will draw on 16 and stand on 17s. You can also split on any pair of cards and double on any two cards amongst the 6 decks. You can play just one hand or all five if you wish, with cards being dealt one by one to each hand starting from the right hand and moving clockwise. Each hand is played separately in this hand.


Blackjack Multihand 5 Payouts


The payouts on this variation is similar to most of the blackjack games that we provide. However the additional hands that you can play at the same time give you more of a chance of winning. In fact the theoretical percentage RTP is 99.58%.
Blackjack Pays 3:2
Dealer Must Draw to 16
Dealer Must Stand on All 17s
Insurance Pays 2:1

Blackjack Multihand 5 Free Play

We know how daunting trying out Blackjack Multihand 5 for the first time can be, but don't fret. Our free play option can help to ensure that you're eased into the game if you're a beginner, and our beginners blackjack guide will be certain to give you all of the tips that you need to feel comfortable. Once you've got the hang of the game, log in online to place your bets for real and take away the winnings. Before you begin, take advantage of our exceptional promotions and welcome offer by signing up now.
Log in to Ladbrokes, play your cards right, and win!
To start playing:
  1. Decide how much and place your bet
  2. Wait for your hand to be dealt
  3. Make your decision
  4. Stand or hit… and WIN!
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