Jackpot Giant Online At Ladbrokes Casino

If you're looking for a slot machine that you can win a massive jackpot on, then look no further than Jackpot Giant at Ladbrokes Casino. This exciting 5 reel, 50 payline slot machine gives you even more chances to win big, every time you spin the reels. The objective? To obtain the winning combinations by spinning the reels. Decide how much you want to bet on all 50 paylines, click spin and wait for the coins to collect in your winnings! 

Jackpot giant slot main screen

How To Play

Playing this exciting slot machine is simple. Choose how much you want to bet with a minimum line bet of £0.01. With 50 winning payline combinations you are certain to win almost every time. At the bottom of the game play screen there is a panel of buttons that you will use to help you control the game.  

Jackpot giant slot button information


Line Bet +/- - This button allows you to choose how much you want to bet per line on this slot machine. With a minimum line bet of £0.01, if you play all 50 paylines you will spend a total bet of £0.50 per spin. 

Auto Play – Set the reels to spin automatically from 10 to 99 spins. 

Turbo Mode – Set the reels to spin even faster and make the graphics even more immersive with our Turbo mode. Make play ever more exciting simply by clicking turbo. Once clicked, the turbo button will show as Turbo On . 

Spin – Spin the reels and see if you win!


There are a number of symbols that you will need to know when you play Jackpot Giant at Ladbrokes Casino. With a few standard symbols such as the J, Q, K, A symbols, gems, coins, stacked giants scatters, wild and bonus symbols you're almost certain to win every time. Here are the symbols that you will find on this game. 

Jackpot giant slot symbol


Jackpot giant slot symbol continuation


In this game, the wild symbols can result in you winning the jackpot, and the bonus symbols anywhere on reels 1+5 can trigger The Giant Bonus!

Jackpot Giant Bonuses

There is one giant-sized bonus that you can take part in when it comes to playing Jackpot Giant. With this bonus and a chance at the huge progressive jackpot, you're almost certain to walk away the winner. 

The Giant Bonus –  the giant bonus - This bonus will appear if you win the bonus symbol on anywhere on reels 1 + 5. The aim of the bonus game is to pick 3 out of 6 volcanoes in order to win your prize. If you're lucky enough, you may even get an extra pick or win all the volcano prizes at once! 

The Giant Jackpot –  the giant jackpot  - If you have a 5 of a kind wild symbol on line 1 then you'll be the jackpot winner! In order to qualify to win the jackpot you must play the maximum bet and lines possible. 5 of a kind will not pay in addition to the jackpot. 


With 50 paylines in this giant game, there's more chance to win than ever when you play Jackpot Giant at Ladbrokes Casino. You can find more about the paylines on the info screen on the game. With the paylines, only the highest win per line will pay and winning combinations pay left to right only. Payline wins are then multiplied by the line bet so you will win even more. With Jackpot Giant, you must play all 50 paylines. 

Jackpot giant slot paylines


If you're feeling lucky, then you should take a spin on our thrilling Jackpot Giant slot machine. There's plenty of ways to win and even if you only bet a minimum amount on the paylines, you're likely to walk home with a profit. With a minimum RTP of 91.25% and the maximum theoretical RTP that includes the Jackpot contribution of 94.22%, here are the payouts that you should expect from this giant slot machine. 

Jackpot giant slot payouts

Jackpot Giant Free Play

If you want to play this exciting slot machine but you want to try it out first before you put your own money down, then make sure to download our online casino and play our Jackpot Giant free play. With plenty of jackpots to win when you're ready, sign up and take advantage of our excellent promotions and welcome offers. 

Try your luck and spin the reels at Ladbrokes Casino today! 

To play Jackpot Giant: 

1. Choose how much you want to bet and which paylines you want to bet on

2. Click Spin to see the reels turn

3. Win! 

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