Mr Cashback Online At Ladbrokes Casino

If you're looking for a game that can give you your money back when you don't win then Mr Cashback is the right game for you. This exciting 5-reel, 15 payline slot features a great cashback option, as the name suggests, where if a particular payline doesn't pay out after 50 spins, then you will be awarded 50x your line bet. With this to play for and a number of free spins and stacks of cash, even the biggest losers can walk away a winner.

Mr Cashback slots main screen

How To Play

With this exciting slot machine all you have to do is choose how much you want to bet, how many lines out of the 15 paylines you want to play, and then click spin to watch the reels turn and hope that you become a winner. There is a panel at the bottom of the gameplay screen which you will use to control the game. 

Mr Cashback slots buttons


Click To Change – You can select the coin size or wagering denomination with the click to change button. 

Lines – Choose how many paylines you want to activate. 

Bet per line – Decide how much you want to bet per active payline with this button. 

Bet Max – Activate all paylines with the current line bet and spin the reels. 

Gamble – You have the chance to gamble your winnings to increase them following a winning spin as part of the gamble feature. 

Spin – Click this button to spin the reels. 

Auto Start – You can choose to spin the reels a number of times in succession. You can increase the number of times you want the reels to spin with the +/- buttons. 

Info – Open the reference screen that describes the different game components with the Info button. This will include information of the paylines and payouts. 


There are number of money related symbols with this game, such as stacks of cash, piggy banks and gold bars to enjoy. On top of this, there are also standard poker card symbols such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. each of the symbols pay out a different amount when they match up on an activated payline. More information can be found in the payouts section. 

Mr Cashback slots symbols


Wild Symbol  – wild symbol - The wild symbol can stand for any other symbol except from the Scatter in order to make the best possible winning payline combination. There is also a separate payout for three or more Wild symbols on an active payline. The wild symbol does not appear in free games. 

Scatter Symbol scatter symbol - If three or more scatter symbols appear on a particular payline then the player will win 12 free games, and a separate payout which is multiplied by the total bet and added to the payline winnings. The scatter symbols do not have to be located on an active payline in order to payout. 

Mr Cashback Bonuses

While Mr Cashback does not feature a progressive jackpot or a number of bonus games like some of the other slot machines in our collections do, Mr Cashback is unique with the cashback feature that it holds. In addition to this, there are also a number of free spins that you can win. 

Mr Cashback Feature – This feature is always active during the main game but not available during the Free Games. The feature counts the consecutive non-spinning wins for each payline, for every separate bet per line which is used to play on that line. If a single active payline doesn't win for 50 consecutive spins with a particular line bet then the player will win 5-0 times the cash bet on that line. A circle Cashback status will show you the progress of the 50 no-win spins for each payline in a variety of colours – green denotes that there are fifty more wins, a yellow, orange or red line will denote more and more consecutive non-wins for that particular line and a full circle will denote the 50 consecutive no-wins. 

Mr Cashback Feature bonus



There are a number of paylines to choose from when it comes to Mr Cashback. With 15 paylines that can be active throughout the game, and the chance to get your money back if you spin the reels and a payline doesn't payout for 50 spins, you're in with a great chance of being in with a winner. 

Mr Cashback slots paylines



You can find out more about the payouts with the info button during game play. With a RTP of 95.37% and a number of free spins that you can win as you play, you are almost certain to be a winner with Mr Cashback. 

Mr Cashback slots payouts


Mr Cashback Free Play

Unsure of whether you're ready to take on Mr Cashback with real money? Then turn to our exciting free play option, which gives you the thrill of the game but without being able to take the winnings. However, once you've practiced and seen the winning potential of this exciting slot machine, sign up today to take advantage of the many bonuses and the exceptional welcome offer that we provide for our new members. 

Log in today to play! 

To start playing Mr Cashback at Ladbrokes Casino: 

1. Choose how much you want to bet and how many paylines to play. 

2. Spin the reels. 

3. Activate the free play bonuses. 

4. Win! 

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