Cats-ino's Feline Fun!


If there's one thing that can send the internet into meltdown, it has to be a cat doing something funny. Be it pulling a humorous face, sleeping in an awkward place or doing something that'd be more suited to human behaviour, cats can provide moments of comedy gold.

So with the popularity of this feline hilarity, here at Ladbrokes Casino HQ our minds immediately started ticking over – what would cats looking like if they were playing casino games?

How would they react to getting the purrrr-fect hand? Could they handle the pressure of the blackjack table, or would it all end in an a-paw-ling cat-astrophe?! Will it be mice and easy, or will they be having kittens in panic?! Would they paws for thought playing baccar-cat, or will they just go all in?

Well we've made our dream a reality, by putting together some fantastic GIFS of cats trying their luck at some popular casino games! It probably won't take much purr-suasion for you to have a look!