Live Roulette Online At Ladbrokes Casino

If you're searching for a truly immersive online experience to play your favourite roulette games, then our live roulette could be the perfect choice for you. With live roulette there are many different roulette variations to choose from, including Aphrodite Roulette, variations of French roulette, exclusive Roulette and Dual Roulette. Throughout all of our live roulette tables we use standard European Roulette rules. All of these options can be found on the main screen page for our live roulette so you can choose which table you want to head to and which dealer for our exceptionally life-like immersive experience. 

How To Play Live Roulette

Live roulette is simple to play, but just even more thrilling than some of our other roulette games as the game doesn't wait for you. You have 20 seconds to place your bet on the table before the wheel spins, or you have to wait for the next betting window. With a huge number of variations to choose from, the minimum and maximum bets will be different, but the way you play is the same. 


Decide how much you want to bet and on what part of the wheel you want to bet on. 

Put your chips down on the table in the areas that you want to bet. If you want a specific number or an area of the wheel, or whether you're betting on even/odd or red/black. 

Wait for the wheel to be spun by the dealer


When you're finished, you can choose to tip the dealer and try a new table 


Although it is the dealer controlling the wheel, there are a few buttons that you will need to know in order to control the way you bet. It is the panel at the bottom of the screen that will provide you with all of the tools that you need to play the game. 


Rebet - allows you to bet how you last bet

My bets - allows you to save the bets that you make 

Information ‘I' – this gives you a list of all of the game statistics gathered over the last 500 games.

Racetrack – when this is clicked, you will open the Special Bets panel to place Final, Complete, Announced and other special bets.

Undo - removes the last bet that you made

Clear - will clear all of your bets

Lobby – Click this to return to the roulette game lobby. 

How To Bet On Live Roulette

Betting on Live Roulette online is simple whether you have a strategy that you are following or you're placing your bet and hoping that lady luck is on your side. All you have to do is click on the chips that you want to bet, and place them on the bets that you want to make. In roulette there is an inside bets (inside the table) and an outside bets (outside the table). Depending on the area of the table that you want to bet on, each bet will cover a different set of numbers and will result in a different payout. Here are the different bets that you place on Live Roulette table.


Straight Up – A straight up bet is a bet on a single number. 

Split Bet – A split bet is an inside bet on two neighbouring numbers which are located either vertically or horizontally away from each other. 

Street Bet – This bet involves three numbers placed on a vertical line known as a street. 

Corner Bet – This is an inside bet on four numbers. The chips are then placed where the four numbers meet. 

Four Bet – An inside bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3. 

Line Bet – An inside bet on six numbers located in two streets near each other. 

Column Bet – An outside bet placed on all 12 numbers in a horizontal line. You can place on all horizontal lines on the table. 

Dozen Bet – A dozen bet is a bet on 12 numbers that are located in three groups: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. 

Red/Black Bet – This bet is placed on a particular colour on the wheel, either red or black.

Even/Odd Bet – This bet is placed on whether the ball will land on either an even or an odd number.

Low/High Bet – An outside bet on whether the ball will land on a low number (1-18) or a high number (19-36). 

Special Bets

With our live roulette tables, there are a number of special bets that you can make. The special bets panel allows you to place multiple bets with less mouse clicks. All you have to do is select the Racetrack icon   on the dashboard. The special bets available on our live roulette tables include: 

Final Bets – Final bets include all betting positions that have the select Final number (0-9) as the last digit. To place a Final bet, click on a desired number between 0 and 9 in the panel and the bets will automatically be placed. 

Complete Bets – This type of bet covers all of the betting positions that are associated with a certain number. These can cover straight bets, split bets, comer bets, street bets and line bets, if applicable. 

Half-Complete Bets – Half-complete bets cover the same betting positions as the Complete bets, except from the Street and Line Bets. 

Neighbours – The neighbours panel allows you to place announce bets. The announce bets that you can place include Tier, Orphelins, Voisins du Zero and Neighbours, corresponding with European Roulette rules. 

Live Roulette Payouts

The payouts for our live roulette varies on each table, although the standard European Roulette rules apply to all of our tables. This means that generally the payouts for each bet are as follows. The theoretical percentage RTP is 97.30%. 

Bet Type Payout
Single Numbers (Straight Up) 35:1
2-way Split (Split Bet) 17:1
3-way Split (Street Bet) 11:1
4-way Split (Corner Bet, Four Bet) 8:1
6-way Split (Line Bet) 5:1
Dozen or Column Bet 2:1
Low or High 1:1
Odd or Even 1:1
Red or Black 1:1

Live Roulette Free Play

With live roulette, there is no free play option so you should make sure that you've practiced on one of our other roulette tables such as Premium European Roulette before you take on our thrilling and immersive live tables. Live Roulette is perfect for replicating a truly exciting, casino experience in the comfort of your own home. Once you're ready, you can sign up and take advantage of our latest promotions and an exceptional welcome offer. 

Log in to Ladbrokes today and choose your bet now! 

To start playing: 

Know how much you want to bet

Choose your lucky numbers/colour and place your bet within 20 seconds 

Wait for the wheel to be spun by the croupier

Watch the ball land and win! 

Live roulette is the perfect way to play at our online casino, and with so many other top casino games to enjoy such as a huge number of slots and many variations of blackjack, you're certain to get the ultimate online casino experience with Ladbrokes Casino.