Streak Of Luck At Ladbrokes Casino

Are you feeling lucky? Then take on this exciting 5-reel, 50 payline slot machine, where you can win up to 60 Free Games, take on the progressive jackpot, or have a go at the Dice Bonus for a truly lucky streak to win up to 257 times your bet. With plenty of excitement all packed into this game, there's no better place to turn. Play Streak Of Luck at Ladbrokes Casino today. 

Streak Of Luck slots main screen

How To Play

Playing this exciting slot is simple. All you have to do is choose how much you would like to bet on each of the paylines, of which all 50 are fixed, and click Spin to spin the reels and watch the winning combinations form. There will be a panel of buttons at the bottom of the screen which you can use to help you to control the games. 

Streak Of Luck slots buttons


Line Bet – Choose how much you want to bet per line. This will then be multiplied by 50 (the number of paylines) to determine your total bet. 

Jackpot – This shows the currently accumulated jackpot sum which is dependent on your bet. 

Auto Play – This spins the reels automatically a number of chosen times (from 10-99). 

Spin – Click this to spin the reels. 

Turbo Mode – This makes the reels spin faster and illuminates winning graphics and sounds. 

Info – The info button opens a reference screen describing the different components of the game. 


There are a number of symbols that you will find when you play the game, but are you lucky enough to get the winning symbol combinations on one of the 50 active paylines? With a selection of standard card symbol fillers such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, and more thematic symbols such as the lucky Chinese cat, the four leaf clover, the acorn and the ladybird, there's plenty of ways that you can get a winning combination with Streak Of Luck. Here is a list of some of the symbols that you will come across during the game. 

Streak Of Luck slots symbols

   Streak Of Luck slots symbols continuation


Streak Of Luck Bonuses

One of the best parts about Streak Of Luck is the number of bonuses that you can win as you play. Not only are there more options to win than ever with 50 fixed paylines, you can also win a number of Free Games, play the Dice Bonus, or win the Lucky Jackpot. 

Dice Bonus - bonus symbol – If a bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously during the game or Free Games, then the Dice Bonus will be triggered. Here, you are awarded 3 separate dice rolls, and you can roll the dice for cash prizes. Each roll awards a cash prize which equals the score of the dice multiplied by the current total bet. If you roll a double, then an extra roll is awarded. There is an extra payout that you can win with this bonus, which is known as Lucky 7s. Scoring 7 twice awards 2- times the total bet, and scoring 7 three times awards 200 times your total bet. If this Bonus is triggered during the Free Games, then any winnings from the Bonus are doubled. 

Streak Of Luck slots dice bonus


Lucky Free Games – These are triggered when a player gets between 4 and 9 consecutive wins and their next spin is not a winning one. During this, the reels are spun automatically with the bet per line being the same as the winning spin that won the Free Games. After all of the Free Games are completed, you will return to the main game. 

Streak Of Luck slots lucky free games bonus

Lucky Jackpot – This is a progressive jackpot which is triggered when a player gets 10 consecutive wins. Only wins during the main game and Dice Bonus count as qualifying for the jackpot. There are 6 progressive jackpots that you can win, one for each of the 6 fixed line bet denominations. The higher the denomination is, the higher the jackpot and this can be changed by the player at any time. 1.40% of each bet will go into the jackpot. 

Streak Of Luck slots lucky jackpot



With 50 fixed active paylines throughout the game, there's more chances to win than ever. You can find out more information on the paylines when you click the info screen during game play.  

Streak Of Luck slots paylines



There are a number of payouts that you can win with this game, so you best hope that you are on your lucky streak. With an RTP of 94.99% you're almost certain to walk away a winner. 

Streak Of Luck slots payouts


Streak Of Luck Free Play

If you're not quite ready to take on Streak Of Luck with real money, then try out our free play option by downloading our online casino. When you're ready, you can look to take advantage of our latest promotions and exceptional welcome offer. 

Log into Ladbrokes Casino and try your luck today. 

1. Choose how much you want to bet per line to get your total bet. 

2. Click Spin

3. Play the Bonus Game or win some Free Games, or even the Progressive Jackpot. 

4. Win! 

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