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Take a trip to the African plains with this exciting 5-reel, 20 payline slot machine. You will play with the lions, rhinos, zebras, cheetahs and flamingos in this fast-paced slot machine which takes elements of a traditional fruit machine with the freezing wild and lock & spin features. The objective of the game is simple – obtain winning combinations by spinning the reels and getting the winning paylines that you want. Play with lions with Wild Gambler at Ladbrokes Casino.

Wild Gambler slots main screen

How To Play

Playing this game has never been easier, but you're certain to have a great time. While there are a few unique playing options with this slot machine, such as the lock and spin mode which locks all of the Wild symbols on the reels and only changes the other symbols. All 20 paylines are always active with this game, but you can choose how much you want to bet per line with Line Stake button. There is a panel of buttons at the bottom of the gameplay screen that you will use to control the game.

Wild Gambler slots buttons


  • Paytable – This button brings up a reference screen will tell you more about the game's pay table, lock & spin button, the free spin bonuses and more.
  • Auto plays – You can spin the reels automatically at a set stake, from 10-99 spins. This cannot be played with lock & spin.
  • Line Stake – Choose how much you want to bet per line (multiply this by 20 to get your total stake).
  • Spin – Click this button to spin the reels.
  • Lock & Spin – This button allows you to lock in a wild symbol for the spin. You can choose where on the reels you want to lock in a wild symbol. This bet will cost more than a standard spin.



There are a number of symbols that you will come across in this game, with some being worth more than others. The lion acts as the wild symbol in this game, but the other animal symbols are also worth a lot more than the standard 10, J, Q, K symbols. Here are the symbols that you will find in this game.

Wild Gambler slots symbols

Wild Symbol– When you're playing lock & spin, you can choose any configuration of locked wilds by clicking on a reel symbol to select or de-select it. Every wild you have locked in, the more your stake will be. If you want to spin a specific stake you can press the custom stake arrow to adjust the number of locked wilds you play with. If you have set a wild pattern that you want to keep in place, you can choose to disable the auto-locking wilds. This means that the position of the wilds that you choose will stay in position for every spin. This can be enabled or disabled in the Options tab.

Wild Gambler Bonuses

While this slot machine doesn't have a progressive jackpot or a huge number of bonuses, it does offer the chance to win free games, to give you even more of a chance to win. The free spins can be triggered from any spin, whether it is a winning spin or not, and whether it is a lock & spin or regular spin.

Free Spins – During the main game some meerkats will occasionally appear at the bottom of the game holding up letters. If 5 meerkats holding up the letters "B" "O" "N" "U" and "S" appear then the free spins are triggered. During the free spins, the reels are spun automatically.

Wild Gambler slots free spins


You can find all of the information out about the paylines through the info reference screen when you lick Paytable. There are 20 paylines with this slot machine, and all are active when you play, meaning your total bet will be your bet per line x 20 paylines. All wins pay from left to right and are multiplied by the line stake. Wilds will not pay out on their own unless there are 5 wilds in a payline.

Wild Gambler slots paylines


Each of the animal symbols are worth more in this game that the A,K,Q,J,10 symbols. With the wild symbol substituting as any other symbol, and when 5 align being worth the most, and the rhino and cheetah being worth the next largest amount, there's plenty of chances to win with this exciting African themed slot machine.

Wild Gambler slots payouts

Wild Gambler Free Play

If you're unsure whether you're ready to put your own money down to play Wild Gambler, then you and download our casino and play our exciting free version, which gives you all the fun but without the winnings. When you're ready to take on the game with real money, then simply sign up to take advantage of our latest offers, promotions and welcome offers.

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When you're ready to start playing Wild Gambler:

  1. Choose how much you want to bet.
  2. Decide on whether you want to lock in your Wild symbols or not.
  3. Spin the reels.
  4. Try out the bonus free plays to win even more.
  5. Win!


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