There's so much more to Macau than just gambling







Located on the southeast coast of China, Macau is one of the most popular casino locations in the world. In fact, Macau generates seven times the revenue of the Las Vegas Strip, making it a region that was literally built on gaming.

But few people know that Macau is so much more than gambling, as it offers a rich cultural experience and an unforgettable atmosphere that stays with you for the rest of your life. To celebrate the overlooked gems of this amazing region we have put together Beyond the Lights, a guide for those who want to head off the beaten track while in Macau, to sample its alternative side.

Beyond the Lights takes readers from the breath-taking exhibitions of the Macau Museum - one of the most eclectic galleries you will ever visit - to the kung-fu coffee barista renowned for their delicious blends. So whether you're thinking about taking a trip to Macau, or you're just interested in this incredible place; Beyond the Lights offers prices, locations and top tips for things to do in Macau.