Your Blackjack Horoscope

what do stars have in store for you in 2016

Happy New Year! With each January we all get a chance to start again, refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated, ready to take on the New Year in full force. With each New Year you also get a fresh new supply of luck, shaking off the slumps and unlucky streaks of the year before. Are you wondering how 2016 will shape up for you as you make your way towards the blackjack tables? As it happens, you're already in luck, because you can check out your blackjack horoscope right here at Ladbrokes today!

Simply find and click on your star sign on the colourful zodiac wheel below. As if by magic, your card will be drawn, revealing your blackjack horoscope for 2016. We've even scanned the skies to see whether or not we could predict your lucky numbers this year, and thrown them in for good measure. With Lady Luck behind you, you could be playing blackjack at the Ladbrokes Casino finding Faces and Aces quicker than ever.

If you're not quite ready to take to the casino and want to get your blackjack game up to scratch before you start testing your luck this year, don't forget you can read up on our 21 tips on how to play blackjack. If you're already at an intermediate level you can even swing by the Ladbrokes Blackjack Academy for some free interactive tips on how to play blackjack like a pro.