D'Alembert Casino Betting System

Named after the famous mathematician, D'Alembert is a simple betting system whose popularity is only second to the famous Martingale system. Its reputation is that it is much safer than some of the riskier betting systems, despite also revolving around negative progression. It does share characteristics with the Martingale system and other negative systems such as Fibonacci, in that you increase stake sizes after a losing bet, and decrease them after a win, but here, the increase is far slower, providing a safety net for your bankroll. Nevertheless, this does also mean that any losses are recovered slower. Read on to discover more about D'Alembert and how it works. 

The idea of D'Alembert is that you need the right sequence of results in order to make a profit, and if functions around the idea of winning and losing streaks. While this is predominantly a roulette betting system, there are a number of other games that you can use this on, including blackjack and craps. You can also adjust the D'Alembert system in order to make it potentially more appealing, but the idea is to only use this system in the short term, as long term play can substantially affect your bankroll. Find out more about negative progressive betting systems similar to D'Alembert with our casino betting systems guides.