Ears In The Game

Whether you're studying for an exam, training for a marathon, or playing an online game, music can help you focus and give you the edge in a task. We asked the nation what their perfect focus music is for mental and physical activity – whether they rocked out to Metallica while working out or listened to Beethoven while creating art. 


Classical music was the genre that was most popular across the UK for undertaking those mental tasks. It's long been thought that a classical composition can aid the brain when it comes to getting a task done – something that's been dubbed the "Mozart Effect".

For high-energy physical tasks like working out, rock music proved the most popular with the British public. When we're doing a task that involves physical movement, we want something with a beat that we can synchronise to, making rock the perfect genre to keep focused during an intense workout. 

Interestingly, the genders differed in the music they listen to during both mental and physical tasks. Men were more inclined to listen to classical music to focus their mind, whereas women filled their ears with pop if they required an extra mental boost. Rock music was most popular with men when it came to physical activity while, again, women preferred pop music.

We asked people from all around the UK about their music habits for focusing and you can see that there are no discernible trends when it comes to the North/ South divide in either mental or physical task genres. Areas like London, the South East and East Anglia tend to lean towards classical music for more cerebral tasks.

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Now that we know what genres of music help people focus, we have put together both a mental and a physical playlist for you to listen to when you need that extra boost.


Mental Focus

Physical Focus