Emoji Movie Quiz


A group of film buffs in the Ladbrokes HQ have put together a movie quiz with a difference. In the Emoji Movie Quiz you have to work out what casino-related film title the emojis refer to and type your answer below.

There are 10 films to guess in the game and you can skip to the next one at any time if you're stuck. Alternatively, you have the option to ask friends and followers on social media for help by clicking the Ask for Help icons in the bottom left.

While some questions are quite easy, others are deviously tough – so asking the internet for help will sometimes be a good option if you're looking to score 10/10.

Anyone who regularly plays casino online and has an affinity with classic casino films will be at an advantage here, but even if you're not up on your movie knowledge a good understanding of emojis and logical thinking will go a long way.

Here's a quick tip for you: say what you see. With the tougher questions the emojis may need to be interpreted in a different way, so think about what emotion or word they are trying to convey. Remember, a sad face could mean a few different things, so if you get stuck have a think about the other words an emoji could represent.

Don't forget to share your score at the end of the game and challenge your friends to do better. There's nothing like a bit of healthy competition.