The Euro 2016 Score Predictor

Welcome to the Euro 2016 Score Predictor – a handy little widget from the great minds at Ladbrokes Casino! If you're looking forward to this summer's Euro 2016 tournament and can't wait to see the scores, simply pick your teams and spin the reels today! Our Score Predictor is scarily accurate too – the better each team is, the closer the results will be, giving you a prediction of what the final score will be on the day!

Our Euro 2016 Score Predictor is designed to help you get in on the action, predicting a score for the upcoming games based on the teams you choose and how they play. Simply pick the two teams you want to see kick off at the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament, and our slot machine-themed Score Predictor will take care of the rest! It must be said that here at Ladbrokes we love a good slot machine – if you want to predict the  results of the Euro 2016, you can do that here today; if you'd rather just play online slots, feel free to head on over to our online slots machines page, instead!

Sad to say, here at Ladbrokes we're not psychic, and our score predictor may not give you the exact score that you'll see at full time. Instead, our machine will give you the most accurate prediction we can give. Our predictions are based entirely on each team's official UEFA seeding – the closer ranked two teams are, the more likely you are to see the two teams draw. If the two teams are ranks and ranks apart – like Germany and Albania, for example – the chances of seeing a draw on the day are much, much lower, as you'll see with our Euro 2016 Score Predictor here today.

So how do you use the machine? Simply pick two teams, hit Spin and get a result you don't see happening, why not give it a second spin? Football is such an incredibly tense, fast paced game that our scores may change ever so slightly – because at the end of the day, anything can happen in the beautiful game!