What will Online Casino look like in 100 years?



With the announcement that Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich are making a film that won't be released until the year 2116 (aptly called ‘100 Years'), we decided to look into the future of online casino gaming. How will people be spinning the roulette wheel or laying out their blackjack cards in 100 years' time? What technology is being developed right now that will be used by casino lovers in the future? Read on to find out.

Augmented Reality

What is it? Augmented reality is where digital elements interact with the real world, either directly or indirectly. Alright, this might sound a little complex, but we guarantee that you've seen augmented reality used for most of your life through watching weather forecasts. Yes, that's right: the presenter waving their hands in front of a map is one of the first, and most common, uses of augmented reality. 

Who's doing it? Nowadays there's a tonne of different applications for AR, from architecture to surgery. Google's Ingress is possibly one of the biggest success stories out there in terms of AR. Using maps of your surrounding area, Ingress lets players battle over real-world locations, capturing areas to win points for one of the two teams they join when they sign up.

How will this impact online casino? Imagine having a casino party, but instead of having to buy all the games, you just use software on your tablet or phone to transform an empty space into a functioning roulette wheel. Heck, in 100 years you probably won't even need a phone as smart glasses will allow you to seamlessly walk around a location of your choosing playing casino games, complete with virtual dealers, all in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Reality

What is it? Since the 1980s, most people have dreamed of being able to put on a helmet and disappear into a virtual world that reacts to their movements. Unfortunately, the last couple of decades have been disappointing where VR is concerned. We've seen some frankly rubbish examples of VR tech cropping up over the years, like the early 90s ‘VR pods' that you had to sit in to experience a lousy game. Even when you didn't have to park yourself in an uncomfortable and expensive hulking machine, the bulky helmets themselves made it look like you were wearing a hovercraft on your head.

Who's doing it? The VR dream is now becoming a reality thanks to companies like Google, Sony and Samsung, all of whom are creating amazing VR experiences with lightweight headsets that, for the most part, look pretty slick. The one that has all the tech-heads excited is the Oculus Rift - a fully-immersive VR headset that's leagues ahead of the competition, although the developer model will set you back a cool £400.

How will this impact online casino? It's highly likely that online casinos of the future will make full use of virtual reality. Think about it – virtual reality is just hitting its stride in 2015 with relatively inexpensive hardware, so imagine how cheap and sophisticated they will be in 2116. In fact, the vast majority of gaming could well be done in VR, meaning that we may very well be walking around the Bellagio in our underpants. The dream is real.


Persistent Virtual Casino ‘Worlds'

What is it? A persistent virtual world is a sandbox game that gives the player the freedom to roam around a massive area and interact with the world around them. The idea of these worlds is to create an immersive experience that is constantly updated with new content via the internet, meaning that there will always be something new to do.

Who's doing it? Virtual worlds have been around since the 80s when they were called Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs). Players would inhabit the same text-based worlds, joining each other on missions and generally having a laugh together. Now virtual worlds are more sophisticated and becoming a lot more widespread. Just look at games like The Witcher 3 whose worlds are gargantuan, taking hours to explore even a small section of the map. Over the next century these games will only get bigger as processing power gets better.

How will this impact online casino? Right now, the typical online casino is separated into different rooms, but imagine what would happen if you made a fully-functioning persistent ‘casino world'. In a casino world, players would be able to explore different weird and wonderful casinos with their friends, as if they were playing a sandbox game. There would be no need for separate rooms because everything would be seamless and consistent updates would add new games, modes and extras to the casino. Couple this world with virtual reality and you have a recipe for the most immersive, enjoyable casino experience ever – and in the next 100 years, this could well be more than a pipe dream.