Pages through the Ages

This year Ladbrokes turns 130 years old – that's a lot of candles on our birthday cake! To celebrate, we have created our very own time machine to spin you through history. But this isn't just any old time machine – Pages through the Ages reveals history through the lens of men's magazines, showing how they might have appeared at the time.

All you have to do is select the date that you want to travel to, from the heady heights of the noughties all the way back to the year 1400 (and maybe even earlier than that, if you're a clever time traveller). Each era will present you with a mocked up cover of what a lad's mag could have looked like at the time, along with the hot stories of the moment and a few great historical facts thrown in for good measure.

You will learn about the innovative casino games at the time, watching the market burgeon from playing roulette in 17th Century France to UK online casino becoming the phenomenon it is now. Find out who the celebrities were at the time, like Henry VIII in the 1500s and Elvis in the 60s. You can even see how much the pound has changed in value, such as £1 being worth more than £48 in the 40s.

Every decade of the 21st century has its own magazine cover, each packed with fun and interesting information. Then take a trip through each century, beginning with the 1800s and going all the way back to the 1400s and beyond.