Travel Roulette

When it comes to deciding where to go on your summer holiday, it can be tough. More often than not we tend to fall into the rut of going to the same place every year. We're all about exploration and new experiences, so we've created a fun way to discover new destinations to inspire your travels.

Travel Roulette lets you find random destinations based on your holiday preferences. All you have to do is choose your budget, holiday type and climate and click ‘spin' on the roulette wheel to get a holiday to match your needs.

Whether you're looking for a rural break in warmer climes or a dream beach holiday, Travel Roulette has you covered. Each destination has an explanation of the location along with the currency used, what to see, and even how to say thank you in the language. 

With destinations ranging from Dubai to Denmark, each spin will uncover a new holiday. Don't forget to share on Twitter or Facebook to show your friends where you're thinking about going this year.