Types Of Progressive Slots & How To Play Them


If you're looking for a life changing win when you hit the slots, then your best bet is to turn to a progressive slot. A progressive slot is a slot machine where the jackpot steadily rises as players put coins in the machine. A small percentage of each coin that is played is used to increase the jackpot. These are some of the most popular games in a casino whether online or offline, and with some 6 figure wins or more ready and waiting, it's not a surprise to see why. However, there's a lot more to progressive slots than you may have first thought. Progressive slots are extremely similar in all aspects, except the jackpot, and this will increase as each player bets on the game. This will keep increasing until a player wins. 

In some cases, jackpots can be interlinked across a number of games within a series, much like the Age Of The Gods series here at Ladbrokes Casino. The best chance, and sometimes the only chance, of winning a progressive slot machine is to place a maximum bet on all of the paylines. Here are some of the different types of slots games that you may end up playing when you log in to Ladbrokes Casino today.

Standalone Progressive Jackpots

This type of slot machine is most commonly found in a land casino, but you can still find them online, too. These aren't linked to any other slot machine, and the machine generally will have a fixed jackpot prize to win. With these progressive slots, a percentage will be taken from the coins that are played and these will be added to the jackpot, which can be won when the highest winning combination of symbols is hit by the player. The flashing slot meter is one of the most exciting parts about these games as this will show you the current jackpot value. 

Local/Proprietary/In-House Progressive Slots

These progressive slots will all be linked within an internal network of slot machines. Generally, these are owned by the casino and while these are not a multi-million winners in most cases like a standalone progressive jackpot may be, they are still considered to be substantial. These involve a number of players, and this can cause the jackpot to grow very quickly. However, it can reduce the chances of winning dramatically as more players can win at one time. 

Wide Area Progressive Slots

These slot machines are often owned by the gaming provider or independent operator depending on the casino, and these often have the biggest jackpots of all! However, the chance of winning these jackpots are generally very small. The machines will be connected to a range of casinos both online and offline, meaning many people can have a chance of winning the jackpot at the same time. These are the most popular types of slot machines due to the huge jackpots, and the winnings can sometimes run into the millions. 


Random Progressive Slots

These are far less common in a land based casino compared to an online casino and are sometimes called mysterious progressive jackpots. They will generally compromise of two types, although sometimes there can be four or more jackpots to win. These are dealt out randomly, and they usually work as an interlinked multi-tiered slot. Players are more likely to win small but regular minor jackpots while they are playing for the larger but infrequent progressive casino slots. 

How To Play A Progressive Slot Machine


Every slot machine is run by a computer algorithm known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG determines the result of each spin and will quickly spit out numbers at a high speed in order to determine where the reels will stop. However, these are completely random, making them far more difficult to predict. 

While the inside of a slot machine may sound complicated, actually learning how to play progressive slots is simple. All you have to do is decide how much you want to bet on any of the progressive slot machine variations, and either click spin online, or pull the handle to watch the reels spin. Some video slots will also include a progressive jackpot, and these can include a number of bonus games, which will be explained on a pop up screen as you enter the game. However, it is important to note that you are far more likely to activate a progressive jackpot if you are betting max and playing all of the paylines, and so you may want to consider a casino betting system in order to help you capitalise on your wins and losses on the slots. 

If you want your chance to win a progressive jackpot, then sign up or log in to Ladbrokes Casino online today!