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Video streaming is one of the most important technological developments that have occurred around the world in recent years. While many people simply accept video streaming as part of their everyday life without really understanding the significance of the technology, it has led to a world where gaming experiences and watching films and TV shows have become more immersive than ever. One of the things that many people forget when it comes to video streaming is the significance of its use in online casinos. Here at Ladbrokes Casino, we're taking a look at how video streaming has developed over time to provide a truly exciting gaming experience alongside revelations like live casinos


Statistics are beginning to show that audiences are watching more live video than ever, with an increase of 81% across both desktop internet and mobile audiences. This is showing how much of a demand there is for video streaming experiences. In many cases, reports are suggesting that video streaming is gripping more people than ever - and for longer too - due to the immersive and engaging environment that it creates. This isn't just in the casino, but applies to all forms of video streaming such as watching live events, TV programmes or films. Predictions suggest that by 2019, online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global internet traffic. With 100 million internet users watching video every day, and people spending on average 34.5 minutes watching video on their desktop, it is easy to see how the video streaming market has increased over the past decade. 



The live casino is one of the most popular parts of the online casino gaming world, and it is still growing. In order to make live casino games as successful as they can possibly be, there are a lot of different components that help to put the experience together. Live casino is so immersive that it enables the player feel as though they are sitting in a real life casino, when instead they could be sitting at home in their pyjamas! 

In order to create this thrilling experience, a piece of technology known as optical camera recognition technology is used. This helps to record all of the tiniest details in the room, and helps to stream it to players through a video link. Then, there are the cameras which film and stream each game, facing the dealer and the table. Other components include: the dealer, the wheel or table, the monitor where the dealer can see who is playing the game, and the game control unit. 



One of the biggest benefits of video streaming is that it is extremely versatile, and this means that there are a huge number of live casino games that you can find here at Ladbrokes Casino. Blackjack is the world's most popular casino game according to a huge number of sources, and with live casino technology you can play your favourite variants from the comfort of your own home, while still experiencing the thrill of a live game. Other popular casino games that you can play with the help of video streaming technology includes roulette, baccarat, poker, sic bo and the classic card game, Hi/Lo. 



There are a huge number of live casino software providers around the world, but there are a few brands in particular that have perfected the art of offering incredible live casino experiences and provide some of the most popular and immersive live casino games that you can find on the internet. Microgaming is one of the most popular, shooting out of studios in Canada. In addition to this, you have Playtech, Netplay, Evolution Gaming, CWC Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming. 



A big player in the live video streaming world that helped to progress the industry to even further was Twitch. Twitch is a broadcasting site where over 45 million gamers and sports fans broadcast, watch and chat every month. Twitch is so large that 43% of all their live video-streaming traffic is generated through the platform. There are a huge number of different things that you can watch through live video streaming, including poker tournaments across the UK and other sports events. The World Series Of Poker is becoming more popular than ever, and with the 2003 live stream of Chris Moneymaker's surprising win, the poker industry blew up bigger than ever – all with the help of live video streaming. 



While the live video streaming world is full of benefits, there are a few downsides to live casinos that you will need to consider if you're looking to get involved with playing live casinos. Firstly, some people prefer non-live casino games because they can find out the results instantly by skipping play, as the results are already pre-determined. With a live casino however, you have to wait for the roulette wheel to stop spinning, or for every hand to be dealt when playing blackjack or poker. However, with the many benefits of real time gambling creating a truly immersive experience, offering live chat options with the dealer and the fact you can play from anywhere yet enjoy a real-life experience, the pros of live video streaming can be hard to beat. 



There are currently a huge number of things that you can stream on and, with the increase in technologies providing a cross-platform multimedia experience, it's easier than ever to enjoy video streaming technologies. Whether you view the content on your desktop, TV, mobile, tablet, or game console, there are a huge number of benefits. In fact, mobile appears to be taking the lead in the video streaming market, with people beginning to view longer content than ever on their mobiles. With the decrease in tablet sales and TV viewing declining particularly in the US, it'll be no surprise to see mobile streaming take over the market. 



The future of the video streaming world is an exciting one, with many new and thrilling technologies being born into the industry. 2016 saw a rise in Virtual Reality, and this is set to be one of the most revolutionary technologies in gaming. While VR can still be experienced without the need for headsets, they can enhance the experience dramatically; with 43 million people worldwide now able to own a VR headset. This is expected to rise three fold in just a few years too! With VR revenue predicted to sky rocket, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for virtual reality to be used within live casinos to create an even more immersive and exciting experience.