Casino Crafts

The nights are drawing in and the days are getting more miserable, so the chances are that you will find yourself sitting around one Sunday without anything to do. Well, never fear, because with a few crafty bits and some casino paraphernalia you can keep yourself busy with some cunning creations .

Here we give you instructions on how to make the following Casino-related goodies:

  • Playing Card Notebook
  • Playing Card Wallet
  • Playing Card Bookmark
  • Casino Chip Coaster
  • Dealer Badge


Playing Card Notebook


What you will need: Scissors, a pen, crafting glue, two playing cards, 14 sheets of paper, a stapler and some felt.

Step 1: Cut the felt into a strip the height of a playing card and slightly wider than two cards side-by-side.

Step 2: Glue the felt to the cards, leaving a small space between them, which will act as the book's spine.


Step 3: Cut your paper into rectangles ½" shorter than the height of a card and ½" shorter than the length of both cards together. Fold lengthways and staple the inside. You will need to do this with two lots of 7 pieces of paper to get two small inserts.

Step 4: Apply glue down the middle of your book spine and insert your paper.

Step 5: Leave to dry for 30 minutes. There you have it – a playing card notebook!



Playing Card Wallet


What you will need: Six playing cards, lots of clear tape and scissors.

Step 1: Tape each card to one another. It's worth using a lot of tape so your wallet doesn't break.

Step 2: Flip your cards onto their fronts.

Step 3: Carefully fold the cards and tape the sides together.

Step 4: Insert desired amount of cash.


Playing Card Bookmark


What you will need: a playing card, a hole punch, ribbon in two different colours and your favourite book.

Step 1: Punch a hole in the top centre of your card.

Step 2: Thread both pieces of ribbon through the hole.

Step 3: Twist the ribbon together to get a swirl effect.

Step 4: Tie together at the top, leaving some space for the ribbon to fray. Place in your book.


Casino Chip Coaster


What you will need: seven clay casino chips, felt (spare from the notebook will work fine), a pen, scissors and crafting glue.


Step 1: Arrange your chips into a tight circle on the felt and mark off the edges.

Step 2: Using the markers you made, draw a circle connecting the dots.

Step 3: Carefully cut out your circle. This will form the base of your coaster so that the clay edges won't scratch surfaces.

Step 4: Glue down each of your chips onto the felt.

Step 5: Leave for 30 minutes to dry. Then treat yourself to a nice cuppa.


Dealer Badge


What you will need: some black or white felt, a dealer button, clear tape, craft glue and a safety pin.

Step 1: Draw around the dealer button on the felt.

Step 2: Carefully cut around the circle.

Step 3: Apply some glue to the felt circle.

Step 4: Tape the safety pin so that it runs perpendicular to the ‘Dealer' writing on the front (so that the writing will be the right way when you wear it).

Step 5: Apply to your clothing and look like a right Bobby Dazzler.


We hope you enjoy making these simple but fun casino-related items.