Surprising Ways to Make a Roulette Wheel


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of all time. The roulette wheel is an unmistakable piece of craftsmanship, created from glossy lacquered wood for that classic look.

In fact, some people like roulette so much that they have created their own wheels from all sorts of weird materials. Here's our countdown of four surprising ways people have made roulette wheels.


Cake Roulette

One of the more popular ways to create a delicious version of the roulette wheel. We especially like the fact that this one actually works!


Canned Roulette

This huge can-struction sculpture is made from hundreds of tin cans as part of an exhibition in San Francisco to raise awareness about hunger. An incredibly impressive structure for a great cause- what's not to love?

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Chocolate Roulette

Not only does this creation look hugely impressive, it is also fully functional! A whopping 60kg of chocolate was used to mould the roulette wheel – to put it into perspective, that's 18,000 large chocolate buttons – and the construction of the piece took 69 hours of man power. Apart from the plywood base and the metal bearings for the wheel to spin on it is completely made from cocoa products, making it perfect for chocolate and gaming fanatics alike!


Minecraft Roulette

Up until now we've looked at physical roulette wheel, but this one's a little different. Built in the hugely popular game Minecraft, a Reddit user has created a virtual, blocky version of the roulette wheel and table. It's just a shame it doesn't work!

So whether you like your roulette smelling of roses, or you want to devour the whole wheel, these creative folks have you covered. However, we still like the original the best.