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Be transported to the world of Gods with this exciting 5-reel, 20 pay line slot machine. With a selection of superpowers and bonuses to take advantage of, you really will be up in the clouds when you take away the winnings. Battle against Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, Hercules and Hades as you spin the heavenly reels and attempt to activate the 4 epic bonus free play games along the way. The Age of Gods is truly upon us, and you can attempt to activate and win the massive progressive jackpot in this visually stunning flagship slot machine. 

Age of the gods slots main screen

How To Play

You can be immersed in Greek mythology as you battle to the objective – obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels. There's 5 reels with this slot machine, giving you a total of 20 winning pay lines and even more opportunity to win. Select how much you would like to bet on each of the 20 paylines, then click Spin to see the reels start to whirl. 


Playing the game is simple, and a panel at the bottom of the game will contain all of the buttons that you can use to play the game. Choose how much you want to bet on the 20 paylines and spin the reel to win!

age of the gods slots buttons



Line Bet +/- – These buttons allow you to increase or decrease the amount of money that you want to put on each line. 

Auto Play – This locks in your bet and automatically spins the reels a number of  times without you having to do anything. 

Turbo Mode – This button switches on or off some of the win animations and sounds, and makes the reels spin faster if on. When on the button will change to Turbo On. 

Spin – This will spin the reel immediately to display the result. 

Info – This reference screen will tell you about different parts of the game. 


In the Age of The Gods slot machine there are many symbols that you may come across, which are all worth a different amount if they activate a winning payline. Here is a list of all of the different symbols that you will come across when playing this exciting slot machine.

age of the gods slots symbols

On this slot machine, there is one special row of symbols known as the Pantheon of Power. The Pantheon Of Power will be activated when all 5 of the Gods appear consecutively on an active payline starting on the leftmost reel in any order. This will award a 200x line bet! 

Pantheon of Power

Age Of The Gods Bonuses

There is one massive bonus for you to enjoy when it comes to playing the Age Of The Gods, giving you more chances to win than ever, as this has the potential to lead to an endless amount of free games! The Gods are being generous with their free play options and you can activate 4 different free game bonuses with this game, and all you have to do is match up the Gods! 

The Age Of The Gods Bonus Game  – This bonus is activated when you collect three or more ‘Age of the Gods' symbols anywhere on the slot machine. In this bonus game, you have to match up three of the same Gods to start a free game mode. If you find a Hades symbol however, the bonus will end and you will be sent back to battle it out on the slot machine. 

Athena Free Games  - This free game bonus requires you to match up 3 matching Athena symbols within the Age Of The Gods Bonus Game in order to activate 9 Athena free games. Before each free spin in these games, Athena will award a random multiplier of x2-x5 for the next spin. After this ends, the bonus screen will reappear and be reset for you to have the chance to win even more free games.

Zeus Free Games  - This free game works similarly to the Athena free games whereby you have to find three matching Zeus symbols to activate it and win 9 Zeus free games. When the games begin you are given a x1 multiplier and this will increase the multiplier by +1. All wins from a spin are then multiplied by that multiplier. Wild is also locked into the middle of the third reel during the free games and once all free games are complete you are transported back to the bonus screen.

Poseidon Free Games  - This free game works similarly to the Zeus free games whereby you have to find three matching Poseidon symbols to activate it and win 9 Poseidon free games. Lighting will shoot from Poseidon's trident turning up to 5 symbols on the reels into a wild symbol on any free game spin. This wild symbol can be substituted for all symbols (except the Age of The Gods bonus symbol).

Hercules Free Games  – This free game is the same as the Poseidon and other God's free games in which you have to find three Hercules symbols to activate 9 Hercules free games. Hercules will appear as a stacked wild symbol in this game to act as a substitute for any symbol, except the Age of The Gods bonus, to give you even more chance to win. 

The Age Of The Gods Jackpot -  These jackpots are won randomly with numerous games being linked to four mystery progressive jackpots: Power , extra power , Super power , and ultimate power . Any spin of any amount can win entry to the jackpot game even if your spin results in no win at all, however the higher the bet the bigger the chance of entering the jackpot game. These games guarantee a win every time! 


There are 20 different paylines in this game giving you a fantastic winning chance. Only the highest win per line will pay, and winning combinations begin from the leftmost reel to right, except the Age of Gods symbol which pays any. Payline wins will then be multiplied by the line bet. You cannot choose how many lines you play with the Age of the Gods slot machine, and all 20 must be played. The winning paylines are as follows. 

age of the gods slots paylines



Payouts for the Age of the Gods slot machine at Ladbrokes Casino are comprehensive with many symbols to take into consideration. The paytable below depicts all of the different payouts that you can get if you match up these symbols. Winning combinations must start from the far left reel and the symbols must be consecutive. 

age of the gods slots payout

Age Of The God's Free Play

If you want to try out this mystical slot machine before you put your money down, look to our free play option to give you a taster of what you could win! When you're ready, you can take advantage of our latest promotions and our exceptional welcome offer by signing up today. 

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