How to Spin & Win American Roulette Online

From its humble beginnings in the Bayou, New Orleans, American Roulette has spread to become one of the most popular versions of Roulette played all around the world.

You can tell an American Roulette game instantly because there are two zeros on the Roulette wheel and table, which means there are also 38 numbers in total. Its counterpart, European Roulette, only has one zero on the board and therefore only has 37 numbers. This difference may seem small at first, but once you are playing, it changes many nuances within the game and for advanced players, which strategies are preferable.

But whether you are dedicated to American Roulette or prefer European Roulette, Ladbrokes has so much to offer!

The American Roulette Wheel and Layout

The American Roulette table is divided into 2 sections: the wheel and the layout (the board).

Unlike European Roulette, in American Roulette the wheel has 38 partitions that are numbered 0, 00 and 1-36, with the 0 and 00 marked out in green and always diametrically opposite each other. The other numbers are all out of order, with half coloured red, while the rest are all black.

The layout itself is also divided into two sections. The main section is a large rectangle where all the numbers on the wheel and their respective colours are set out in order from 0 and 00 to 36. Any bets placed in this area are called ‘Inside Bets.' At the end of each column and row of numbers, there are other squares that represent larger number groupings on the wheel, such as all the red numbers, all the even numbers or just the highest 12 numbers out of the 36 (ie. 25-36). Bets placed in any area of the layout outside the main rectangle are called ‘Outside Bets.'

How to Place Your Bets

Each roulette round starts with all the players placing their chips on the layout. Then the wheel is spun in one direction by the croupier (dealer) and a white ball is thrown around the wheel in the opposite direction. When the ball stops spinning, the round is over.

The number and colour where the ball lands will determine who wins the round, according to the bets previously placed on the corresponding layout squares. For instance, if the ball lands on 6, the winners are all the players who bet on:

  • The number 6
  • On all the black numbers
  • On all the even numbers
  • On all the numbers from 1-18
  • On all the numbers from 1-12
  • Or on all the numbers included in the top column of the layout.

American Roulette Odds & Payouts for Inside Bets

All the bets placed inside the main rectangle correspond with numbers on a roulette wheel and are called ‘Inside Bets.' You can place an inside bet in the middle of a square to bet on a single number winning, or on the lines between squares to indicate that you are splitting your bet between a few numbers.

The most common kinds of Inside Bets are:

Name Explanation Odds Payouts
Straight Up A bet placed on any individual number, including 0 & 00 2.63% 35:1
Split Bet Chips placed on the line between any two numbers splits the bet between those two numbers. 5.26% 17:1
Square Bet Chips placed on the corner between four numbers splits the bet between those four numbers. 10.53% 8:1
Street Bet Chips placed on the line at the end of a row, which splits the bet between the three numbers in that row. 7.89% 11:1
Line Bet A chip placed at the end of a row, but on the line, divides the bet between the six numbers included in both the rows. 15.79% 5:1
Top Bet Much like a Line bet, a chip placed on the corner between the 0 and the 1 or the 00 and the 3 divides the bet between the five numbers in those two rows. 13.16% 6:1
Basket Bet A chip placed on the corner where the numbers 0, 1 and 2 meet, or on the corner where 00, 2 and 3 meet divides your bet between those 3 numbers. 13.16% 6:1
Inside Bets have a lower probability of winning, but higher roulette payouts.

American Roulette Payout Chart for Outside Bets

All bets placed on the layout outside the main rectangle of numbers are called ‘Outside Bets.' These kinds of bets divide your winning chances amongst a larger group of numbers, such as all the black numbers or all the even numbers. If the ball lands on any of the numbers in that group, you win.

The most popular Outside Bets include:

Name Explanation Odds Payouts
Column Bet At the end of each horizontal line there is a square marked 2 to 1. When you place your chip there, you are betting on all the numbers in that column. 31.58% 2:1
Dozen Bet Chips placed on any of the 3 squares directly beneath the inside rectangle, marked "1st 12," "2nd 12" and 3rd 12." This is a bet on all the numbers included in the corresponding third of the rectangle. 31.58% 2:1
Red/Black Bet Place your chip on either the red or the black square to bet that the winning number will be that colour. 47.37% 1:1
Even/Odd Bet Place your chip on either the odd or the even square to bet that the winning number will either be an odd or an even number. 47.37% 1:1
High/Low Bet Place your chip on either the 1-18 (low) or the 19-36 (high) square to bet that the winning number will either be a low number or a high number. 47.37% 1:1

As you can see, Outside Bets have higher roulette odds because you are betting on a larger group of numbers to win each spin. The downside is that the Outside Bet payouts are lower than for Inside Bets.

Even so, you will never get 50:50 odds because Outside Bets never include the 0 or the 00. If you have placed an outside bet in American Roulette and the ball does land on the 0 or 00, then half your bet is returned to you and half is lost.

Advanced Strategies To Try

American Roulette has been a true favourite in casinos all around the world for the past 2 centuries. But if you want to add a little more spice to your game, you could try your hand at some of the more advanced strategies.

Most roulette strategies revolve around the low probabilities of the ball landing on the same number more than once in succession – 1 chance in 1,444! These strategies generally incorporate the laws of universal patterns and mathematical progression equations. Whether they work for you or not, they are designed to turn a standard roulette game of fun and chance into an art form – or rather, into a science!

Below you can find 5 examples of the most popular American Roulette strategies in summary:

  1. Flat Betting: This is the simplest roulette strategy. It involves placing the same amount of chips on the same bet over and over until your number comes up. Afficionados prefer Flat Betting on inside bets for a higher payout when you win!

  2. Oscar's Grind: In this strategy when you lose a bet, you bet the same amount next time. When you win, you increase your bet by one on the next bet until you reach +4. Then you start the pattern again.

  3. James Bond: Made famous by the James Bond novels (not the films), this strategy involves betting on a specific triple combination each spin: a) Almost ¾ of your chips is bet on either high or low numbers, b) ¼ is placed on a Line Bet c) A small unit of chips is placed on each of the zeros. This strategy covers 26 numbers out of 38 on the layout, so has a high chance of winning.

  4. Whittaker: This strategy is a bit more complicated and focusses on the betting amount: Every time you lose, increase the same bet by the same amount as the previous two bets combined, ie: 1 -1 -2 – 3 – 5 – 8 etc. Each time you win, you decrease it accordingly.

  5. Hollandish: This is a slower strategy, but also ‘safer.' Hollandish bets are said to work best on ‘even chance' Outside bets, such as colour or high/low bets. In this system your bets are grouped into three spins, so if you bet 1 chip on your first spin, you bet the same on the next two spins. If you lose more chips in a group of 3 spins than you originally started with, then you increase your bet amount by 2 units for the next group (ie. 1-1-1-loss- 3-3-3-loss-5-5-5, etc). If you win more chips than you started with, you start of the sequence of units again (1-1-1-loss-3-3-3-win-1-1-1, etc).

American Roulette strategies certainly make Roulette games more interesting and require more involvement than just placing a bet wherever you ‘feel lucky.' 

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