Three Card Brag Online At Ladbrokes Casino

Three card brag is a classic card game that has now been reborn with our exciting variation. Based on the popular casino game, also known as Tri Card Brag, this is played with 1 deck of 52 cards. This exciting game combines 2 authentic casino games into 1 with a beautifully detailed virtual table. Get ready to bet and beat the dealer with three card brag at Ladbrokes Casino. 


How To Play Three Card Brag

Three card brag combines two different styles of games. The first is a beat the dealer style of game where the player gets 1 hand and needs to beat the dealer's hand to win, and a pair bonus game where only players' hands are used and players win different amounts depending on the value of their hand. Played with a single 52 card deck which is shuffled at the beginning of every new game you are certain to have great time with 3-card brag at Ladbrokes Casino. 

Ante & Play Game  

Ante & Play is a fun way to play 3-card brag. If you have chosen this then you will need to press the play field on the table or the play circle on its end so that the dealer's cards will be displayed. The Play function will raise your stake by putting an equal bet on play so your bet will be doubled. 

Once the dealer's cards are revealed, the amount won is dependent on whether you or the dealer has the highest hand. 

The winning hand will be decided on the highest ranked poker hand with the lowest rank being a high card and the next ranked being a pair. 

Then the rank increases through Flush, Run, Running Flush and then Prial (3-of-a-kind). 

If you have a Run, 3-of-a-kind or running flush, then the winnings are larger, and are referred to as Ante Bonus awards. 

Pair Bonus Game  

If you have chosen to bet on Pair Bonus and clicked deal, the Dealer's cards will be automatically displayed. 

A prize will not be shown nor added to your balance unless the Dealer's cards are revealed.

The higher the bet you place, the higher your potential winnings. 

How To Bet On Three Card Brag

Whether you choose Ante & Play game or a Pair Bonus game, you are certain to have fun and the betting options for both of the games are the same. 


To play the game: 

Firstly, you need to decide how much you want to bet for every hand that you play.

Then you have to select the chip and its value in order to place your bet. 

You then click the Ante field or the Pair Bonus circle to place your bet. Every click will increase the value of the chip, and the Undo button will decrease each bet. 

You can click on Double Bet to double the bet that is already on the table, or remove all of the bets with the Clear All Bets button.

Then, click the deal button, and 6 cards will be dealt altogether 1 by 1 in turns to you and the dealer in a similar style to Blackjack. 

Three Card Brag Payouts

The payouts for the three card brag is dependent on whether you opt in for the pair bonus or not. 3-3-3 is the highest prial, A-2-3 and the Ante Bonus for this plays 5-1, and the pair bonus 40-1. 


Three Card Brag Free Play

If you want to practice your game play before you put down any real money, then download our casino and try out our free play option. With plenty of opportunity to win, particularly if you decide to use a pair bonus alongside the ante, you're certain to have a great time with 3-card brag at Ladbrokes Casino. All you need to do is sign up and take advantage of our latest promotions and welcome offer now. 

Log into Ladbrokes and play today! 

To start playing: 

1. Decide how much you want to bet. 

2. Choose whether to play the Pair bonus or not. 

3. Click deal and choose whether to play or fold. 

4. Win! 

Three Card Brag is just one of many classic card games that we feature here at Ladbrokes Casino. With a selection of online blackjack variants to choose from and various other games such as roulette that you can play, sign up today.