Age Of The Gods Greek Characters


With the popularity of our Age Of The Gods slot series, which are some of the top games featured on our site, we're taking a look at all of the different characters that feature throughout the series, so you can begin to learn a little bit of a background behind the games. With some of the most well-known Greek gods and goddesses featuring in our slots like Zeus, Hercules and Athena and some of the lesser known god-like characters like the Titan Atlas, you can be sure that there will be plenty to enjoy with our Age Of The Gods slots games. Read on to find out more about the characters! 




While there are a number of gods, goddesses, demi-gods and deities throughout Greek Mythology, none were quite as powerful as the ruler of Olympus, Zeus. This God of thunder and sky is the overseer of all of the Gods in Olympus, and is renowned throughout Greek mythology and a number of Greek games for his power, fatherly figure, and occasional temper outburst. You can see Zeus' true power in the King Of Olympus slot that you can play here at Ladbrokes Casino. Here, Zeus can be seen standing with authority with his superhuman strength looking over the reels as he was said to look over the rest of Olympus. 

Zeus is depicted with some of the most beautiful icons that you can find on Greek mythology slots, such as the eagle, which is often used as a symbol for the God, and Pegasus – Zeus' trusty winged horse which delivers thunder and lightning from Olympus. If you're looking for Greek mythology games that are certain to blow you away with their depiction of the King of Olympus, then our Age of The Gods slot collection is the perfect choice for you. 








Athena is the goddess of craft, war and most importantly the Goddess Of Wisdom in Greek Mythology, amongst many other things. This powerful deity is the daughter of Zeus, although no mother bore her, and is said to have been Zeus' favourite child. In fact, according to some sources, Zeus even entrusted Athena to wield the aegis and his thunderbolt. She was one of three virgin goddesses, and there are a number of symbols that you can find in Greek games associated with her. One of the most famous, and one that you can see when you play our Goddess Of Wisdom slot, is the owl – which was her sacred animal. Other symbols associated with Athena include olive trees, snakes, armour and the Gorgoneion. 











Hercules, also known as Heracles, is possibly the most recognised of heroes in Greek mythology. The son of Zeus and a mortal woman, this Prince Of Olympus has to prove himself to the Gods in order to gain acceptance, despite being just a demi-god. After Zeus' wife Hera sent Hercules mad as punishment for Zeus' illicit affair with the mortal woman which led to his birth, he killed his own children. In order to purify him of his sins and grant his immortality alongside his acceptance as a God, Hercules had to carry out The Twelve Labours; some of which you can play yourself in a number of Greek Gods games. These Labours included:

Slay The Nemean Lion

Kill The Nine-Headed Lernaean Hydra

Capture The Golden Hide Of Artemis

Capture The Erymanthian Boar

Clean The Augean Stables In A Single Day

                                                  • Slay The Stymphalian Birds • Capture The Cretan Bull

Steal The Mares Of Diomedes 

Obtain The Girdle Of Hippolyta, Queen Of The Amazons

 • Obtain The Cattle Of The Monster Geryon

 • Take The Apples Of The Hesperides

 • Capture And Bring Back Cerberus, The Guardian Of The Underworld. 

Now, you can help Hercules on his quest to become an accepted God in Olympia with our Prince Of Olympus slot. Greek mythology games have never been more in-depth and visually stunning than with our Age of the Gods slot collection, so you can truly be transported back into the world of Ancient Greek mythology. 




Poseidon was the God of the sea, earthquakes, storms and more, and is considered to be the most bad-tempered of all of the Greek Gods. According to some folklore stories, after the Gods defeated the Titans, the three brothers (Poseidon, Zeus and Hades) drew straws to see what they would draw – and Poseidon drew the seas. Sailors were said to have relied on Poseidon for safe passage. Wielding a trident, and having a palace on the ocean floor, Poseidon is one of the most notable Greek Gods of all time. He can be seen in a number of our Greek Gods games, in particular the Age Of The Gods slot and Age Of The Gods Roulette.











The God Of Light is the first God to feature in the Greek games series slot Age Of The God Furious 4. The son of Zeus and the Titan Leto, Apollo was born with his twin sister Artemis – the goddess of the hunt. While known to be the God of Light, Apollo was also recognised as the God of the Sun, the Music and the Prophecy, and while he was known to be associated with medicine and healing, he was also said to bring ill-health and the plague to those who tested his temper. There are a number of symbols associated with Apollo, including the Lyre, the Laurel Wreath and the Raven, along with his two sacred animals the Wolf and Dolphin. 










Pandora was the first mortal human to have been created by the gods and her infamous story is one where she opened a box which released a number of evils in the human world. Having been created by Hephaestus and Athena, under instruction of Zeus, each god and goddess intended to give Pandora a gift or talent. This included things like beauty, charm, persuasion and more. Her story arose as a way to explain why bad things happen to people, such as illness and death, and she features in the Age Of The Gods slot Furious 4. 










This god was the Greek God of Fire and Metalworking, and is the son of Zeus and Hera. Hephaestus had his own palace on Olympus, and acted as a blacksmith for all of the gods, preparing the weapons for war. He is the only ‘ugly' god in Olympus and was said to have been cast out of heaven after his parents noticed that he was not beautiful and perfect like the other gods. Known to be a kind and peace-loving god, which you can see in almost any age of mythology game it is interesting to see his character appear in the Greek god game Age Of The Gods: Furious 4. 










Rather than being a god like most of the other characters in Greek mythology slots and games, Atlas is actually a Titan, who was punished by Zeus after leading the Titans into battle with the gods of Olympia. His punishment was to hold up the heavens on his shoulders, until the end of time – although there is a common misconception that he was punished to hold up the entire world on his shoulders. Featured in the Furious 4 slot machine, it is Atlas' first appearance in the Age Of The Gods slot series. 









The Sisters Of Fate


The three Sisters Of Fate: Lahkesis, Atropos and Clotho are powerful beings that determine the fate of every mortal, god and Titan. They weaved the Threads of Fate which began all life, and have the ability to manipulate everyone's life time. If they decided that it was time for a god, human or Titan to die, then they would cut one of the Threads Of Fate. You can test your fate with the Fate Sisters age of mythology game on our site here at Ladbrokes Casino.








If you're looking to try your luck with our Greek Mythology games here at Ladbrokes Casino, then our Age Of The Gods games are the perfect choice. Play any of our Age Of The Gods slots games and be transported to Olympus today!