Casino Christmas Cracker Jokes

One of the best things about Christmas dinner is the Christmas crackers. The little hats may be slightly cringey, the little toys may be entirely pointless, but let's be honest here – we're all in it for the Christmas cracker jokes. Come Christmas day there is nothing quite like rallying against the terrible cheesy jokes with your friends and your family, is there? Believe it or not, these little slips of paper have been part of the Christmas cracker, ever since their invention in the late 1840's. The London sweet maker Tom Smith was watching his fire late one evening, wondering how he could market his prettily-wrapped bon bon sweets with their cute little riddles, mottos and jokes when he heard his logs cracking in the fire and was suddenly inspired. Christmas crackers exploded onto the scene and suddenly everyone's Christmas was that much merrier…

We've already helped our loyal patrons find the perfect presents for their friends and family, showing them what they reel-y want for Christmas, so we thought we'd take it one step further with our very own casino-themed Christmas cracker jokes. Imaging this: you're sitting at a Blackjack table at your local casino. A gentleman sits down in the position next to you and the dealer deals you both in. Neither of you say a word, you just wave your hand to say you stick; the dealer busts and you both win a couple of chips. The gentleman next to you picks one up, turns it in his hand contemplatively and sees you looking at him. He smiles and says "These chips are really hard… I wonder how long they've been sitting here?"

Suddenly the ice is broken. That's one of the best things about playing Blackjack at the casino.

If you want to play blackjack online we have five different games for you to try at the Ladbrokes Casino. In the meantime, if you want to reel off some casino jokes to your fellow players, friends and family, we've put together a few of the best crackers in this Christmassy comic strip below.