Cultural Roulette

To celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th, we have scoured the world for the most surprising numerical

superstitions and filled a roulette wheel with them.

Cultural Roulette is a fun way to discover different cultural beliefs about the numbers on a roulette wheel.

From zero to 36, you can explore the superstitions and traditions around sacred numbers, unlucky dates and more.
Do you know why the number 14 is unlucky in Malaysian Chinese culture, or why in Italy the number 13 is actually a sign of good luck?
Give the roulette wheel a spin and find out!

We've also delved into superstitions around the colours black and red from around the world. Discover why in Korea you may not want to bet on red,
but in China red would be your way to fortune.

Take into account these superstitions when you play, and try and improve your luck on our casino games here.