Fitness Roulette

We've teamed up with some of the best fitness and health experts in the business to help build the Fitness Roulette game to help you get in shape and have fun doing it. Chock full of exercises, recipes and healthy tips, Fitness Roulette is an excellent way to get fit. All you have to do is spin the roulette wheel to get a random exercise or healthy living advice. The illustrated step-by-step guides are easy to read, whether you're mastering side lunges, making a batch of healthy chocolate brownies or simply learning about the best ways to keep in tip top shape.

So play Fitness Roulette online and get physical in the real world to bring your wellbeing to the next level. 

With thanks to our contributors:

  • Hannah Murphy is an instructor at Globe Fit
  • Cat Meffan is a health and fitness blogger at Imperfect Matter
  • Hannah Richards is a fitness expert from Cardiff Sports Nutrition
  • Pollyanna Hale is a personal trainer, nutritionist and weight loss coach, and is the founder of The Fit Mum Formula