Chapter 4. How To Know Which Video Poker Games To Play


Variance might seem like a complicated subject which will result in long-winded explanations about the mathematics behind video poker, but this chapter isn't that. Variance is a major characteristic of video poker, and it can actually make a huge difference to the short term results that you receive from the individual game that you are playing, as it ultimately affects payouts. Knowing about variance can also help you to manage your bankroll in a much better way. So, we're going to take a look at the differences between low, medium and high variance, and how it can affect your game play.



4.1 Variance Across Our Games

As you've read previously throughout our video poker guide, here at Ladbrokes Casino, we have a range of video poker games, and each of these games will have different variances. The best way to determine video poker variance is by understanding the difference between low, medium and high variance.

Generally, low variance games will require a small bankroll and the strategy of the games are a lot simpler – meaning they are perfect for beginners.







Moderate variance games are generally more complex, and because of this require a larger bankroll, but these can be much more exciting because the hand payouts are generally higher.







You can probably see a trend here. High variance games are the most difficult, but will generally pay out more than low and moderate variance games. These carry a lot of risk and a very large bankroll.

4.2 How Variance Can Affect Your Bankroll

Variance can have a major impact on the requirements of your bankroll when playing video poker, and it's quite easy from our descriptions above to see why. In addition to this, variance can take an interesting toll on the video poker strategy that you may want to implement.

The higher the variance, the bigger the bankroll swings and therefore a bigger bankroll is needed

The variance of multiplay video poker games will increase as the number of games increases - so you'll eventually need a bigger bankroll too
Low variance is best for beginners because the risk of losing a lot of your bankroll is lower

Bankroll requirements for progressive video poker games is even more complicated

4.3 Progressive Video Poker Game Variance

Due to the fact a progressive jackpot amount will continue to increase as the game is played, the variance of this game will change.

This means that the strategy that you will need to use will also need to adapt with this change in variance. As the variance for this game increases, your strategy is going to begin favouring being able to save for a royal flush as opposed to considering smaller, similar pays.

Changing the way you play is the reason for this variance fluctuation, as you are not hitting lower paying, frequent hands as often. But once again, the higher the variance, the bigger the bankroll you will need.

4.4 How To Make A Decision About Which Variance To Choose

Making your decision about which game to play in relation to its variance is simple if you follow these steps:



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