Slot the Difference

Spot the difference is one of those games which never gets old, isn't it? You see it from time to time on the back of a box of smoothies, at the back of your newspaper and even when scrolling through the feed of your favourite social media website. As simple as they may look, you can't help but see how quickly you can solve the puzzle, can you? There's just something satisfying about finishing it, as simple as it may be.

Here at Ladbrokes we embrace how entertaining these simple puzzles can be, which is why we have designed this fun little minigame for you to play. Slot the Difference is the old favourite we know and love, but played on a slot machine!

The rules are simple:

1.       Look for the five differences on the two screens below.

2.       When you spot the difference on the bottom screen, click it with your mouse.

3.       If you click wrong, you lose a life!

4.       When you've found all five differences, you can go to the next level.

5.If you run out of lives and want to try again, just hit reset.

Once you've spotted all the differences across all five levels of our game, make sure you head over to our casino and play the online slots for real. We have a huge selection of slot machines just waiting for you here today. If you need any tips or pointers on how to play online slots, make sure you check out the Ladbrokes blog – we even have handy infographic covering the biggest myths and facts of the slot machine.