Blackjack Academy

Welcome to the Ladbrokes Blackjack Academy. You're here to test your knowledge and train your skills, working towards finding the ever-elusive Face and an Ace combo that is the blackjack. You can read the basic Blackjack strategy and swot up on our 21 tips on how to play blackjack to your heart's content but the best way to learn Blackjack is to play Blackjack.

This is your final exam. The rules are very simple – you will be given 21 scenarios in which you need to make a decision. In each scenario you have been dealt your hand from a fresh 1-deck shoe; in several of the scenarios you have hit for a third card and are now looking at your second decision. We want to know what you would do in each of these scenarios – would you hit, stick, split or throw caution to the wind and double down?

After each decision you make we will tell you whether or not your choice was the best option, and the reason behind whether you were right or wrong. At the end you will be shown your score out of 21, and you will be given the option to share your results on social media with your friends.  There is no time limit to this test, so feel free to take your time on the answers.

Once you have mastered the basics, you are ready to play blackjack like a pro in Ladbrokes Casino.

You may now scroll down and begin your exam. Good luck!