Slots of Love

Valentine's Day is fast approaching – it's a frantic time of year where you're desperately racking your brains for the perfect present which tells your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend just how much they mean to you. The problem is, the go-to gift of chocolates and roses is just far too cliché. This year we're here to help! We've designed the perfect slot machine date selector – the Slots of Love!

This spectacular slot machine will help you find the perfect date for your other half. Simply click the buttons on the machine to let the Slots of Love know how much you can afford to spend, what your love interest is interested in and what kind of person they are. We will take care of the rest, pointing you towards the perfect thoughtful gift to make their Valentine's 2016 a day to remember.


The problem with Valentine's Day is that the go-to gift of chocolates and roses is just far too cliché. What was once the pinacle of romance now looks like you haven't tried at all. There are plenty of different dates you can try this Valentine's Day, and the perfect date for you and your romantic interest will vary wildly based on a number of different factors. For a start, how much do you want to spend? The perfect date doesn't have to be expensive and the most romantic gestures can often cost next to nothing. When you think about it, breakfast in bed is a more romantic gesture than £80's worth of red roses, isn't it?

On the other hand, spending a little more on your big Valentine's Day date could help the moment all that little more special. Incidentally, the perfect date for your other half will vary depending on what they are into – the sporty type and the foody type, for instance, could have wildly different ideas about what constitiues the perfect day out. The same does again for personalities – an introvert and an extrovert wildly differ in what they feel a romantic gesture should look like. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and everyone is different.

This is why we put together the Slots of Love – to help you find the perect date idea for Valentine's Day this year. With everyone being different and being into different things, we come up with plenty of ideas to help yiou find the perfect date for that special person in your life. Whether that date is something like a romantic picnic with a view, a spa day or weekend break in Europe remains to be seen. Of course, the perfect date could equally be sky diving, a wine tasting day or dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. This Valentine's Day, make the world your oyster for you and your partner with the Ladbrokes Slots of Love!