The Multiscreen Generation

As a nation, we love our screens. Right now, people across the UK are shopping on their tablets while watching TV and probably simultaneously chatting on the phone. We've noticed an increase in the popularity of games like multi-wheel roulette, where players use several wheels at once to increase their odds of winning. We're a multi-screen generation – but how much do we multi-task with screens in our everyday life?

We surveyed 1000 people in the UK to find out what we use our screen for and how often. Not only did we find that we use more devices with screens than ever, but the majority of us are typically looking at two screens at a time.

Read on to find out more.


Let's start with the kinds of screens that we own. These include, TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches. In 2016 it's actually more common for someone to own a tablet than a desktop PC – something unthinkable five years ago.

Times are a' changing and nothing shows that more than how we use our screens. While online shopping used to be the domain of desktops and laptops, here you can see that 1 in 6 people prefer to use a tablet over a more traditional screen

Similarly, with gaming, you're more likely to play online roulette on a tablet than you are a laptop. In fact, the more traditional handheld gaming console was only used 7% of the time, showing that gaming has truly made the move to mobile.

The majority of us (57%) typically engage with more than one screen at a time and when it comes to gender, the fairer sex is more likely to be glued to multiple screens than men. In fact, we love our devices so much 24% of us don't go more than half an hour without looking at one that we own. That's a lot of screen time!

So we know we're looking at a lot of screens, but what on Earth are we doing with them? Let's take a look at one of the most common example of multi-screening – using a device while watching TV.

So you can see that we've become a generation of multi-screeners: we're emailing and watching TV, buying our groceries with our watches and playing games with every device we can get our hands on. We're now even seeing screens on our refrigerators – which is why as time goes on technology is going to make us into multi-tasking pros.

Ladbrokes surveyed 1000 UK adults aged 18+